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"Elisabeth’s presentation to the Target Adoption Network was enlightening, insightful and relevant. Her approach to bringing loved ones, colleagues, and educators “in on it” is timely and refreshing.  I can enthusiastically recommend Elisabeth to other audiences interested in learning more about adoption and about supporting adoptive families."
James Melby, Target Adoption Network, Target Corporation
Appearances and audiences have included:
  • Children's Home Society and Family Services "Adoption for Friends and Relatives" event
  • Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan: webinar "Welcoming Our Relatives and Friends Into Adoption" 
  • Unity Church-Unitarian, Wellspring Wednesdays series of adoption workshops
  • Target Corporation, Target's Adoption Network
  • "Creating A Family" radio show guest
  • Minnesota Early Childhood Educator's Conference (MNAFEE) workshop
  • Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota (waiting families group)
  • "Adoption Journey to Motherhood" radio show guest
  • St. Paul Early Childhood and Family Education (ECFE) adoptive families class
  • Roseville (MN) ECFE staff and instructors
  • Robbinsdale (MN) ECFE parents
  • Children's Home Society and Family Services: webinar for adoption social workers
  • Children's Home Society and Family Services: webinar for adopting and adoptive parents
  • Red Balloon Bookshop and CHSFS Adoption Celebration
  • The Urban Refuge adoptive parents group
  • Crossroads Adoption Services
  • "Mom Enough" radio interview
Other Writing by Elisabeth