About "In On It"

"The Adoption Book for Everyone Else"

One thing I hadn't realized before becoming a parent through adoption: so much of the adoption process happens on your own. The workshops, the home studies, the hours of paperwork, the difficult decisions to be made: besides my husband, all of these happened almost wholly independent of those to whom I am closest. And I wanted a way to share my adoption with those who cared about me and my family, just as I had so many other important episodes in my life. I wanted a way to bring my friends and relatives in on my adoption.

In On It is the book I wanted to be able to give to my own relatives, friends and colleagues when I was adopting. Later, I wanted an adoption resource to offer my children's teachers and caregivers. All of these people would have an important and ongoing role in my life as an adoptive parent and in the lives of my children. I wanted them to have an opportunity to receive some preparation and education around adoption, too. I wanted a resource that I could offer them to have some of their own questions answered and concerns addressed.

In On It Answers:

  • What is it really like to adopt these days? How is it different than it was in the past?

  • What’s it like to be an adoptive family? What's the same as any family? What may be different?

  • How can I help and support my loved ones during their adoption process (even if I’m still questioning and learning myself)?

  • I have questions about the adoption and about the child. What’s private and what’s public? What’s tactful and what’s touchy?

  • How can I respond to other people’s questions and comments about adoption?

  • What role can I have in the adoption process?

  • How can I help after they’ve become an adoptive family?

  • What can I look forward to?

One adoption social worker called In On It "the adoption book for everyone else." It is written especially for an adoptive family's adoption circle: their relatives and friends, their colleagues and neighbors, their teachers and caregivers. In On It contains useful advice, helpful anecdotes, relevant adoption information and pertinent insights into contemporary adoption -- all addressed toward readers who want both to be informed about adoption and more fully involved in the lives of adoptive families.