Congratulations. Somebody you care about is adopting or has adopted. This makes you a member of their adoption circle. And as a member of that circle, you deserve information and insights into adoption – from a perspective that addresses your particular interests and concerns.

This is the adoption book for grandparents and friends, neighbors and colleagues, and aunts and uncles of adoptive families. In On It explains:

    • What is it really like to adopt these days?

    • What’s it like to be an adoptive family?

    • How can I help and support my loved ones during their adoption process (even if I’m still questioning and learning myself)?

    • How can I help after they’ve become an adoptive family?

    • I have questions about the adoption and about the child. What’s private and what’s public? What’s tactful and what’s touchy?

    • How can I respond to other people’s questions and comments about adoption?

    • What role can I have in the adoption? What can I look forward to?

Whether you’re excited or worried, committed or a bit reluctant, experienced or unfamiliar with adoption, In On It is an informative, friendly and very useful adoption guide for anyone touched by adoption. Welcome.