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Both a warm welcome and a helpful guide, In On It offers readers useful information and important insights into adoption, as well as practical advice for how relatives and friends can best help and support an adoptive family.

Whether you'd like a single copy of In On It for yourself or want a bunch of copies to share with grandparents and close friends, In On It book packages meet the needs of adoptive families and their loved ones. (See one-, two-, 5- and 10-book packages below.)

**Adoptive Families Magazine readers voted In On It a “Top Parenting Book”**

Single Copy $14.95

Both Sides of the Family
2 copies $25.00

The Adoption Circle 5 copies $60.00

The Constellation of Adoption 10 copies $100.00

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A portion of proceeds from the sale of "In On It" supports national and

international efforts on behalf of children awaiting adoption.