Praise for "In On It"

Grandparents, siblings, friends, and so many others play vital roles in all families. But we haven’t always recognized how significant they can be – in special ways – when the family is formed through adoption. “In on It” is important because it affirms that significance, and celebrates it, even as the book offers valuable insights and practical advice. Adoptive parents will want to read it – and the people close to them really should.

Adam Pertman, author of “Adoption Nation” and Executive Director of the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute

Written with humor and honesty, we found In On It to be very helpful and instructive. We are in agreement: we feel more protective toward our coming grandchild and more involved in the adoption after reading In On It.

Gary and Chris, grandparents-to-be, Kansas

In On It helped me to better understand the adoption experience of a dear friend of mine and what her adoptive parents experienced. It provides helpful suggestions and ideas of ways I can be more involved and supportive of adoptive parents and their children.

Kelly B., close friend to several adoptive families, Iowa

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From adoptive parents

In On It made me realize that, in my haste to adopt, I had overlooked the needs of my extended family. They need time to think about and process the changes taking place. This is why In On It is so important. It made me both cry and smile. I see it becoming a must-read for all of those in the “adoption circle.”

Lara, adoptive mother, Alabama

"In On It" is a great way to help friends and family better support and understand the adoption process. I love it. If you have someone in your life who is adopting, you should read it. (Full review)

Kristin Howerton, mother and blogger at Rage Against The Minivan

A guide for those who love the parents of adopted kids that is wise, embracing, comforting and useful. It sees beyond the natural defensiveness of those of us who've learned so very much through our adoption journey, and helps our friends and families, the ones who will love our children along with us, let go of what poignantly is not and take the hand of what gloriously is.

Jacquelyn Mitchard, mother and author ("The Deep End of the Ocean")

What a great book. Once you start reading it, you will not be able to put it down. It is well written, honest, educational and spot on. It covers a wide range of topics that all members in the adoption constellation can relate to. If you are in the process of adopting, thinking about adopting or know someone who is adopting, read this book. You won't be disappointed.

Dr. Jennifer Crissman Ishler, Penn State University

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From adoption writers and adoption professionals

From relatives and friends of adoptive families

As an adoption therapist, I frequently hear stories of the hurtful comments that are spoken to adoptive parents --and often times they are voiced by well-meaning family members and friends. "In On It" offers practical guidance as well as specific strategies to the family’s community and loved ones so that they can encourage and sustain the adoptive family. If your loved one is going through an adoption "In On It" is a necessity!

Carol Lozier, author of "The Adoptive and Foster Parent Guide"

This is THE GIFT for your friends and family so they can understand and support your adoption journey. All I can say is that we are very lucky that Elisabeth O'Toole wrote this book because she really gets what this experience is all about, and coaches those you love to get it too.

Joni Mantell, Executive Director, The Infertility and Adoption Counseling Center

Elisabeth O’Toole addresses the complex and emotional experience of adoption with humor and respect, opening a path for friends and relatives to become insiders to the process. In On It is a well-written resource for people who want to support their loved ones, but aren’t always sure what to do or say. This book will remain on my “recommended reading” list for adoptive families and their friends.

Janna Annest, adoptive parent and adoption law columnist, Adoptive Families Magazine

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