Praise From Adoptive Parents

Krista and Philip, parents, New York

In On It is wonderfully frank. O’Toole addresses head-on the types of issues that some family and friends are afraid to talk about, such as the complexities that arise when white parents adopt children who are not white. The result is a book that speaks to numerous adoption situations – international adoption, domestic adoption, foster care adoption, infant adoption, older child adoption – and competently addresses the unique concerns associated with each. I loved this book!

Carrie Goldman, blogger Portrait of an Adoption

I wish I could have everyone I know read this book! It’s a great introduction to adoption, especially for people who want to know how to help and support an adoptive family.

Tamra, expectant adoptive mother, Ohio

In On It is a great resource for friends and family of those who have adopted or are in the process of adopting. I can’t wait to share this book with my own friends and relatives.

Kelly G., mother-to-be, Iowa

In On It is very informative, easy to read, and filled with helpful suggestions and insights. An excellent resource for the friends and family of anyone who has adopted or is adopting.

Dana, expectant adoptive mother, Kansas

A fantastic read. I want to buy a box full of this guide and put it on our doorstep! It's a great guide foreveryone in the adoption circle.

Rhonda, mother-to-be, California

I really liked this book! It was very thorough, covering many bases that I would have wanted all of our family and friends to know. She adds personal stories and humor to keep the reader moving along. I recommend this to anyone who desires for their circle of support to be "In on It!" (Full review)

Laurie Cuchens, Adoption Creates Families

A wonderful read, sensitively written, full of important information. We wish we'd had it to give our son's grandparents when we adopted.