Praise From Relatives and Friends of Adoptive Families

I enjoyed In On It more than I can say. I found it enlightening and welcoming. As a future adoptive grandmother, it’s an adoption book written with me in mind.

Kathi, grandmother-to-be, Washington

In On It is a much-needed and appreciated tool for adoptive parents, relatives and friends. It is insightful, educational and thought-provoking. I strongly recommend it to anyone considering adopting and to their family and friends.

Carolyn, grandmother, Florida

In On It sparked surprising and meaningful conversations about adoption issues. It touched on subjects that were important to a shared understanding of adoption and the heartfelt discussions that resulted strengthened our connection as mother and daughter. We recommend In On It to any friends or relatives who want to understand adoption and support adoptive families in their incredible journey.

Del and Judith, grandmother- and mother-to-be

As an adoptive mother, I found In On It to be a wonderful tool for introducing friends and relatives to our adoption.

As a grandmother, though adoption is not unfamiliar to me, In On It offered new insights and understanding, as well as an opening for conversations around sensitive adoption topics. We both strongly recommend In On It to other families and their loved ones lucky enough to be touched by adoption.

Tania and Joan, new mother and grandmother, California